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Bring the Original Bridal Swap to your City

What is The Original Bridal Swap®?

The Original Bridal Swap® is a unique concept bringing together Past Brides, Décorators, Craft Artisans and other Sellers who have wedding related goods, with Brides to Be in a fun environment who are on the hunt for their perfect wedding treasures and dresses.

“I’m loving every minute of this event!” ~ The Original Bridal Swap® Licensee

A Unique Opportunity

We are currently accepting applications for talented wedding industry go-getters that want to bring The Original Bridal Swap® to their city. Introducing this fun and growing concept to your market is the perfect way to set yourself apart from your competition and appeal to the media and local brides.  If you are an Event Planner looking to grow your reputation and business this is your chance!

The License Package will give you our information, tools, forms, tips and a step-by-step guide that you can use to start your own The Original Bridal Swap® event eliminating the costly and time consuming missteps that one might take trying to do it on their own. The Bridal Swap concept is changing the way brides shop for their weddings, but there can only be one The Original Bridal Swap® in your city!

Be a part of the growth and get in on the excitement today! If you know you are the perfect person to bring The Original Bridal Swap® to your city please submit an application and we will contact you. We are always reviewing applications and will be in touch with potential candidates. Currently, we are actively seeking hosts of The Original Bridal Swap® in the following cities:

  • Victoria, BC
  • Okanagan, BC
  • Toronto, ON
  • Montreal, QC
  • Halifax, NB
  • Charlottetown, PEI,
  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Boston, NY
  • New York, NY

If your city isn’t on this list we still want to hear from you!  Let us know which city you want to bring The Original Bridal Swap® to.

Benefits of being associated with The Original Bridal Swap®

The benefits of being of an Original Bridal Swap® Licensee:

  1. You’ll be associated with a proven and continually growing brand.  Anyone that searches for “Bridal Swap” or “Consignment” stumbles upon The Original Bridal Swap® brand and its associated cities.
  2. You can create an additional revenue stream for yourself.
  3. Producing this event will bring awareness to your existing company (this is great for Wedding & Event Planners who want to build their business)
  4. Get access to the Concept Creators who are industry leaders.  This is PRICELESS and one of the most valued benefits of our licensees.  You will always have the support of and knowledge behind you as you produce The Original Bridal Swap in your city.


What people are saying

I just wanted to say thank you so much for throwing such an awesome event that allowed me, a past bride, to sell my things to new brides to be. It was a great event and you did a wonderful job of hosting and coordinating! It went really smoothly and I was able to put money back in my pocket=score! Thanks again for the great day, I will recommend future brides do the same and participate!!

~ Kels

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