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The Original Bridal Swap is a unique concept that brings together recently married Brides & Grooms, Craft Artisans, Decor Sellers, & Professional Budget Savvy Vendors with future Brides & Grooms who are on the hunt for their perfect wedding treasures and dresses!

"Her Something Old is Your Something New" ~ Bridal Swap has changed the way Brides & Grooms Shop & Plan for their Wedding!


Past Brides Selling their Wedding Decor

An 8 Foot Clothed Banquet Table for Past Brides Selling their Decor and Wedding Treasures is $45.00 plus tax.


You should price your items at approximately 40-60% off the original purchase price.

Brides to Be are looking for a great wedding deal.  Many also like to haggle so be ready to have some fun!


Yes! Reach out to recently married friends and brides on the forums to see if someone wants to share a table with you! We don’t mind! As long as all your stuff fits on the table the more bride love the better.

We provide one 8 foot banquet table with white linen to the floor.  The rest is up to you! Some Past Brides are getting creative with how they display their treasures on their table.  They often use height to display their decor items or are including a few photos from their wedding to help buyers imagine the possibilities.

We would love to have you come and sell your wedding treasures to Brides to Be.  We only host the one Bridal Swap each year so if you can’t make it yourself perhaps you might consider asking a friend, your mom, or a helpful auntie to run your table for you!

Past Brides Consigning their Wedding Dress

We suggest selling your dress between 40-80% of the retail price. The higher the discount the better chance you will have to sell your dress.  Brides attending this event are looking for a great deal on their wedding dress!

No. You just have to drop it off in the morning between 8:30am-10:00am and we will manage the dress sale. If it sells we will give you a call. If it doesn’t sell pickup is same day between 6:00pm and 7:30pm. Unclaimed dresses will be donated as of 8:00pm.

If your dress doesn’t sell, you need to pick it up at the end of the event OR you can mark it as “Donate” during registration in the morning and we will donate it on your behalf to a terrific local Vancouver cause called My Sister’s Closet.

There is a minimal administration fee of $20.00 plus tax to consign your dress. You just need to fill out a registration form and then bring your dress to the event.

Consignment registration closes 3 days before the event and we only take up to a certain number of dresses so be sure to get your registration in as early as possible.

If your dress sells at The Original Bridal Swap you will receive 65% of the selling price less any credit card handling fees.

Consignment through most retailers is 50/50. We take a smaller percentage in order to encourage Past Brides to price their dresses to sell!

When you consign your dress at a retail shop or online it can take months to sell, however, with The Original Bridal Swap you will have your dress exposed to hundreds of interested Brides in one day!

We have found that attending brides are very courteous and careful with the dresses, however, we definitely take precautions to help reduce wear and tear.

There are attendants overseeing the movement of the dresses, fitting room attendants in the change rooms, and we also post signage asking Brides to take extra special care while trying on the dresses. We maintain a clean floor and a no shoe policy in the change rooms to reduce dust and dirt.

That said, multiple Brides may be trying on your dress and walking around in it so there is a chance that your dress may be exposed to minimal wear and tear.  Our track record is excellent though!

ABSOLUTELY! But you will still want to price your dress to sell at 40-60% off the original purchase price. A bride who knows her designers will be prepared to spend a little more for that luxury find, but she’s at Bridal Swap because she wants to save money so won’t likely spend over $2500.00 on a dress regardless of the designer name.

Yes! Tuesdays Fine Dry Cleaners are our “go to” for the best customer service in the city!

That’s a loaded question! It really comes down to several factors including right bride, right body type, right price.

If your dress is fairly modern, clean, and well priced it has a great chance of being selected as “the one” for some lucky bride.

Dresses that have been altered dramatically can be harder to match up to another bride’s body proportions.

It really is the luck of the draw, but we will say that you will have a much better chance of selling it at Bridal Swap than through online forums.

General Questions

Good question.  No you don’t.  Once you’re in you’re in and you can easily cross over as needed.

Have another question we haven’t addressed here? Email us or give us a call and we’d be happy to help!

[email protected]

The Wedding Dress Pop Up Shop accepts cash or credit card.

The Decor & Fabulous Finds area is typically cash, however some of the vendors and artisans accept credit card payments via Square.

There is also a bank machine on site for your convenience.

Have another question we haven’t addressed here? Email us or give us a call and we’d be happy to help!

[email protected]

Dresses are typically priced at a suggested 40-60% off the original purchase price. It varies greatly from as low as $400.00 to as high as $2500.00 for a designer brand.  The majority of dresses bought and sold at The Original Bridal Swap tend to be priced between $650.00 and $1500.00.

We are excited to welcome you to the Bridal Swap Pop Up Wedding Dress Shop (say that 10 times fast)!  Each year we feature over 300 Consignment & Sample Sale Wedding Dresses all priced at 40-60% off the original price.  We have 15 semi private communal Dressing Rooms with floor length mirrors.  There is a 6 dress at a time and 30 minute maximum allotted.  We do this to keep the available dresses moving and to allow as many brides as possible to shop the swap and find their dress!  It also helps to keep the dressing room line moving which everyone appreciates. The best thing to do is to bring a friend or a mom who can help swap out dresses to maximize your dressing room time.  If you need more time you can always head back out, collect a few more dresses, and then jump back in line for a second round.  We have seamstresses roaming and lots of people on hand to offer guidance and suggestions for making a dress your own! Happy Shopping!

What people are saying

I attended the Original Bridal Swap last year and it was absolutely amazing! There were so many beautiful dresses to choose from, at great prices, too!

~ Elisha Iggulden

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