The Original Bridal Swap Vancouver, BC

The Original Bridal Swap is a unique concept that brings together recently married Brides & Grooms, Craft Artisans, Decor Sellers, & Professional Budget Savvy Vendors with future Brides & Grooms who are on the hunt for their perfect wedding treasures and dresses!

“Her Something Old is Your Something New”

Bridal Swap has changed the way Brides & Grooms Shop & Plan for their Wedding!

Frequently Asked Questions

Past Brides Selling their Wedding Decor

What is the cost for a table to sell my items?

An 8 Foot Clothed Banquet Table for Past Brides Selling their Décor and Wedding Treasures is $35.00 plus tax.  We’ve had Past Brides make as much as $1500.00 selling their décor in one super fun and busy day!

I’ve never attended the Bridal Swap before. How do I price my items?

You should price your items at approximately 30-50% off the original purchase price.

Brides to Be are looking for a great wedding deal.  Many also like to haggle so be ready to have some fun!

I want to Register for a table but I don't have a lot of decor, can I share a table?

Yes! Reach out to recently married friends and brides on the forums to see if someone wants to share a table with you! We don’t mind! As long as all your stuff fits on the table the more bride love the better.

Brides to Be are looking for a great wedding deal.  Many also like to haggle so be ready to have some fun!

How do I display my items on my table?

We provide one 8 foot banquet table with white linen to the floor.  The rest is up to you! Some Past Brides are getting creative with how they display their treasures on their table.  They often use height to display their decor items or are including a few photos from their wedding to help buyers imagine the possibilities.

I want to sell my stuff at The Original Bridal Swap but I can’t attend the upcoming event.

We would love to have you come and sell your wedding treasures to Brides to Be.  We only host the one Bridal Swap each year so if you can’t make it yourself perhaps you might consider asking a friend, your mom, or a helpful auntie to run your table for you!

General Questions

Do I have to buy two tickets if I want to go to both the dress shop and the decor/vendor side?

Good question.  No you don’t.  Once you’re in you’re in and you can easily cross over as needed.

Have another question we haven’t addressed here? Email us or give us a call and we’d be happy to help!


What forms of payment are accepted on the day?

The Wedding Dress Pop Up Shop accepts cash or credit card.

The Décor & Fabulous Finds area is typically cash, however some of the vendors and artisans accept credit card payments via Square. There will be a mobile ATM on site for your convenience.

What is the average price of a wedding dress in the pop up shop?

Dresses are typically priced at a suggested 30%-70% off the original purchase price. The majority of dresses bought and sold at The Original Bridal Swap tend to be priced between $600.00 and $1800.00.  There are also dresses as low as $200.00!

How does the Wedding Dress Pop Up Shop work?

We are excited to welcome you to the Bridal Swap Pop Up Wedding Dress Shop (say that 10 times fast)!  Each year we feature over 200 Wedding Gowns all priced at 30-70% off the original price.  We have a communal dressing area with 12 semi private spaces with floor length mirrors available.  There is a maximum of 6 dresses at a time permitted in the changerooms and a 20 minute maximum allotted per round.  We do this to keep the available dresses moving and to allow as many brides as possible to shop the swap and find their dress!  It also helps to keep the dressing room line moving which everyone appreciates. The best thing to do is to bring a friend or a mom who can help swap out dresses to maximize your dressing room time.   If you need more time you can always head back out, collect a few more dresses, and then jump back in line for a second round.  And don’t worry… when you know you know.  If you find yourself twirling back and forth and can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror you know it’s the one! Happy Shopping!