The Bridal Swap Story

“Why isn’t there an event for Brides to BUY & sell their wedding decor?

I’ve got it! Why don’t WE create an event where they can? We’ll call it Bridal Swap!”

– Geneve McNally, Co-Creator of The Original Bridal Swap

The Bridal Swap Story

The Original Bridal Swap is the brainchild of Genève McNally** founding planner of Vancouver’s favourite wedding and event planning company DreamGroup Weddings + Events.

The Bridal Swap concept came about one afternoon when Genève was expressing frustration for the millionth time that there had to be someplace else other than Craig’s List and Kijiiji (this was a few years ago as these days it would be Marketplace) for her clients to sell their décor after the wedding. “Isn’t there somewhere that Brides can go to sell their wedding décor? AHA!!! Why don’t we create an event where they can? We could call it Bridal Swap!”

She knew that the idea of marrying Weddings and flea markets was going to be a huge success and that Vancouver needed a tangible forum for brides to buy and sell their wedding treasures.

Upon further investigation Genève was shocked to learn that no trace of this concept or even the name could be found anywhere. That is when the term “Bridal Swap” was coined and this fun, exciting, game changing concept was born!

In 2011 the first Original Bridal Swap was held at the cute and charming Heritage Hall on Main Street. “We were hoping for 200-300 attendees as that seemed like an exciting successful number! We certainly did not expect the 700+ number of people that turned up that day! That was when we realized just how needed and important this concept was.”

“We’ve created an exciting wedding show event that connects Brides so they can pay forward their wedding treasures. It’s an eco-savvy, budget-friendly opportunity that brides are now looking forward to attending and participating in each year.

We love that we’ve been able to bring something so unique and inspiring to the Vancouver wedding scene.

As Genève continues to add new and exciting elements and experiences to the Bridal Swap format she looks forward to seeing more and more brides and grooms include the Bridal Swap concept in their wedding plan helping them maximize their budgets and have some fun at the same time!

**and Sarah Shore, formerly co-founding planner of DreamGroup Productions Inc.